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WonderLab builds curious and creative problem solvers, inspired by the wonder of science, who will shape a better future for themselves and our world. The museum offers an informal educational setting for engaging your mind and your senses in lifelong learning. Further enrichment is provided by a variety of innovative programs, activities, workshops, and festival events for children, families, adults, school groups, and educators.

WonderLab hosts a variety of programs focused on specific age ranges, science topics, and learning styles. We offer Pre-K sessions, hands-on workshops, activity stations, live animal programs, 21+ events, and more. Many programs incorporate partners from the rich resources in our community, including Indiana University, Ivy Tech, local businesses, professional artists, nonprofit organizations, clubs, and hobbyists. WonderLab programs strive to create exciting, diverse and formative learning experiences for visitors of all ages.


WonderLab’s IDEA Labs workshops are designed to promote Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) skills to both boys and girls by encouraging creativity, innovation, and problem solving skills. These programs create in-depth, hands-on experiences with a simple goal, easy point of entry, and easily accessible materials, in an environment where participants can work at their own pace, receive support when needed, and gain a sense of accomplishment with their work. Children often make something, such as an electronic gadget, that they can take home with them. There is generally an additional fee for these workshops to cover the cost of materials.


IDEA Labs is made possible with support from BloomingLabs and Baxter-Web

WonderLab After Dark

WonderLab After Dark offers adults, ages 21+, the opportunity to experience the “wonder” of hands-on science while enjoying some delicious food and drink with friends and family. This quarterly event features a different science “theme” for each date, with fun activities that are sure to challenge your brain and put a smile on your face. Each After Dark event also features a collectible mini-pint glass that you can add to your own collection!

WonderLab After Dark is made possible with support from Function Brewing, Griffin Realty, and Mira Salon and Spa.

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Science LIVE!

WonderLab’s Science LIVE! programs provide visitors unique experiences with science, from animal shows to science demonstrations. Science content is presented in an entertaining, respectful and age-appropriate manner, allowing visitors to learn new facts and concepts and engage with the presenters.

Science Live! is made possible with support from Beth & Rudy Raff, the Eric Keaton Piper Memorial Fund, and the Frank Nelson Young, Jr. Fund of the Community Foundation.


Discovery Time

Each Wednesday from 10:00-10:30 am, Discovery Time provides unique, science-based experiences for pre-school age children and their families. With different topics each week, this program encourages the development of early science skills and science literacy through play-based learning, age-appropriate topics, and opportunities for open-ended exploration. Discovery Time provides a welcoming environment where young children can freely work with materials and learn while having fun!



Each summer, WonderLab offers week-long camp sessions for children entering grades K-6. WonderCamp offers elementary-age children the opportunity to experience the wonder of hands-on science learning in a fun, collaborative environment. All camps provide in-depth science content and give young minds a chance to practice inquiry and design thinking as well other science process skills.