Bring Back the Bubble!

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The Bubble is Coming Back!

In late 2016, WonderLab’s beloved Giant Flowing Bubble exhibit was decommissioned. We spent the past year learning how to rebuild it and create a better experience. Now, thanks to the support of individual donors like you, the funding goal was reached and the Giant Flowing Bubble is returning to the museum! Every donation received during our Bring Back the Bubble fundraising appeal —from $1 to $1,000—supports the rebuilding project as our exhibits team recreates this WonderLab favorite. Lead funding was provided by Kyle and Len Mortimer in honor of their daughter Braelynn, who adores the bubble exhibits.

Bubble exhibits like this one are important, as they teach guests about concepts including evaporation, states of matter, shapes, surface tension, density, light, color, and measurements.

Again, thank you for bringing back the bubble! Your support continues to allow local families and children to experience the wonder of science and how it impacts us every day.