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SandScapes: An Augmented Reality Interactive Sandbox – New Exhibit Opening November 2019 at WonderLab

Build volcanoes and watch them erupt over the ocean’s shore. Carve out a pathway along the side of the Rocky Mountains. Discover elevation levels in the Arctic. The new SandScapes Exhibit is an augmented reality sandbox with that allows the user to switch between climates and biomes. Overhead lights project onto the sand and sensors allow the projection to adjust in height and depth according to how the user moves the sand. Visitors can find themselves anywhere in the world through the use of only their hands. Recommended for ages 6 and up. 

  • Explore different biomes.
  • Cause volcanic eruptions, create rivers, build worlds. 
  • Dig deep into climate science and geography.


The SandScapes Augmented Reality Sandbox is made possible through generous funding from Brabson Library and Educational Foundation.