Contact the Museum Visit Coordinator

Celeste Wolfinger
Museum Visit Coordinator
812.337.1337 ext. 11

If you call and get voicemail, please leave your telephone number and the best time(s) to reach you at that number.

Schedule a field trip to reinforce classroom learning! Children become active and avid participants in learning at WonderLab. They engage in an educational process of planning, experimenting, observing, making changes, investigating the effects, and collaborating with others. These process skills, as well as the basic scientific concepts presented at WonderLab, are aligned with Indiana Academic Standards in Science and efforts to improve STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education.

Teachers are welcome to browse the museum's T.I.S. Resource Room reference collection of science activity books. Please call 812.337.1337 ext. 10 or 11 to schedule an appointment.