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Explore the Cosmos

Location: WonderLab Museum
Date: November 9, 2013 - November 9, 2013
Time: 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Members: Free
Nonmembers: Museum admission
Audience: Elem, Teen, Adult

Celebrate the birthday of the late astronomer, Carl Sagan, one of the first scientists to devote himself to demystifying science for the public. Hands-on activity stations include:

  • Motion of the Cosmos Learn how planets, moons, solar systems and more move as they travel through the cosmos.  Make a bracelet that will help you remember the difference in their types of motion.
  • Expanding Universe Scientist believe the universe has been and continues to expand outward. Using a balloon and a marker, make your own mini-universe to help you visualize this expansion.
  • Star Globe Learn about the constellations as you make a star globe to help you find constellations from home.
  • We Are Star Stuff Everything in the universe is composed of just 98 elements. Create your own sparkling image on paper to remind you that we are all are star stuff.
  • Discover Distant Planets How do scientists find planets in other solar systems that are further away than we can see through telescopes? Learn how careful observation of the movement of stars can reveal planets revolving around them, and find out how long it would take to visit even the closest planets to Earth.
  • The Beauty of the Cosmos Astronomers study many space phenomenon by observing the different types of energy they give off and then visualizing them in color. Enjoy these colorful images of space, and create your own spectrascope to break up white light into distinct color patterns.
  • Scientific Inquiry  Science is a way of exploring the world by designing experiments and testing our results.  Follow the step-by-step process of scientific inquiry by performing a simple experiment.
  • Current Space Exploration Discover what NASA is doing through images and information sheets.

Program Presenters:
Center for Inquiry Indiana—Bloomington Chapter
Dan Cervantes - NASA Solar System Ambassador
Secular Alliance at Indiana University