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Give a Gift MembershipCelebrate a new baby, welcome a new neighbor, or give as a holiday gift! Any type of membership may be given as a gift to family and friends.

WonderLab recognizes that families may live in more than one household. Therefore, we give you the flexibility to choose a certain number of individuals in your family to name on the member card regardless of where they live. If you have a Basic or Premier Family membership, you may name more family members (or "caregiver") on the card.  The cost for each added person is $16.

Membership FAQs

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  • How soon will I get my member cards?

    Your two new member cards are typically mailed, or made available for pick up at the museum welcome desk, within 15 days of your purchase. In the meantime, you may enjoy your member benefits using your temporary member card.

  • How long is my membership valid?

    Your one-year membership is valid for one year. Your two-year membership is valid for two years. All memberships expire at the end of the month in which you purchased your membership.

  • How can I renew my membership?

    You can renew your membership through the secure online form on the Membership page or at the museum welcome desk when visiting WonderLab. If you prefer, you also may call the Membership Manager.

  • What do I need to bring for admission when I visit?

    Please bring your current member card and a photo ID.

  • Can a babysitter/caregiver bring the children?

    Yes, if you have added the caregiver to your membership. This is an option for Basic Family and Premier memberships. 

  • Can I lend my card to my friends or relatives?

    No. Member cards are not transferable and are good only for the specific people listed on your member card.

  • My child is coming on a school field trip. May he/she use the membership?

    No. Your child is counted as a member of the group in order for the group to receive discount group admission. However, your child may use the member card to receive your member discount in the museum gift store.

  • May I bring guests?

    Yes. Guests who come with members are welcome. Guests are expected to pay general admission. However, Premier Family members and now Grandpart members may bring up to two free guests each visit, as a benefit of these types of memberships. 

  • Can I upgrade my membership?

    Yes. You may upgrade at any time, but your expiration date remains the same and cannot be changed. The difference cannot be prorated based on the expiration date of your membership.

  • How can my organization purchase a membership?

    Memberships are only for individuals or families. We do not offer annual memberships for organizations. Discount pricing for memberships for employees is a benefit for organizations whose annual giving to WonderLab reaches a qualifying level of support.

  • We're moving, but our membership has two more months. Do I get a refund?

    Memberships are nonrefundable. However, if you are moving near a museum that participates in the ASTC Passport Program, you should be able to use your WonderLab member card for free or reduced admission at that museum until your WonderLab membership expires. At that time, you may wish to purchase a membership at your new "local" science museum to receive their full range of benefits.

  • I have moved. How can I change WonderLab’s record of my address/email?

    If you have recently changed your mailing or email address, please contact the Membership Manager with your new contact information to update your record.