Collage of WonderLab experience photos

Local Art

You can find products by local artisans in the WonderLab gift store! Now featuring:

• Notecards by Martina Celerin and Susan Snyder

• "The Fish on the Dome" by Christopher Shaw and Avi A. Katz

• Earth Drop Soaps by Cheryl and Dave Lehman

• Wooden Spinning Tops by Dan Dutra


Art Exhibitions

WonderLab provides opportunities for people to explore the connections between science and the arts.

Photo of Owl by Scott EvansFeatherspholio
April 19 - May 31, 2014
A photographic art exhibition by Bloomington artist and avid birdwatcher Scott Evans featuring birds of North America. One of Scott's goals is to increase the awareness of birds and nature through photography and education. Scott's photography has been used in various publications including the National Audubon Society's Annual Calendar (2012), the American Birding Association's online magazine Winging It,  and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's Birds of North America Online. See more