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Experience the wonder and excitement of science! WonderLab has over 50 hands-on science exhibits inside and outside in the garden that will capture your imagination and make learning fun!Whatever your age, all you have to bring is a sense of curiosity about the world around you as you get ready to experiment, build, observe, and discover. From the challenge of the two-story grapevine climber to the enthralling Water Works, WonderLab has over 50 hands-on science exhibits inside and outside that will capture your imagination and make learning fun! Exhibits reinforce educational concepts and skills set forth by Indiana Academic Standards and also incorporate principles of universal design. Note that some exhibits featured on the website occasionally are moved into temporary storage to make room for new experiences.


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June 3, 2015 - January 23, 2016
Bed of Nails photo by Oscar Williams Photographer LLCCelebrate the connection between science and literacy! Whatever your age, this new exhibition takes you on an exciting treasure hunt throughout the museum to find a different science experience for each letter of the alphabet. The 26 interactive stations cover everything from biomechanics to magnetism to solar power to the physics of being lifted up into the air on a "bed" of nails! The letter X, which stands for the unknown in science, will be in a different location each week. Check for the weekly clue posted in the museum and on WonderLab's Facebook page. Also, watch for volunteers in the galleries who will engage you in fun "pocket science" activities. Enjoy this whimsical approach to learning about science and building vocabulary, especially scientific language! 


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