STEM Sunday: The Great Gravity Maze

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The Great Gravity Maze:  Defy the force of gravity by creating a challenging maze for a marble to fall through.  Design a series of obstacles for your marble to follow as it moves from the top to the bottom of your board.  Become a master of kinetic energy and engineer the slowest gravity maze possible!

STEM Sunday: STEM Sunday is a free, drop-in, challenge-based experience that encourages families to engage in the engineering and design process. Emphasis is on the process rather than the product. Projects can be easily entered into by families with children as young as kindergarten and adults of any age working together. Projects encourage planning and design by presenting a simple challenge to achieve, as well as open-ended opportunities to redesign and improve the project. Families can work for as short or as long as they choose. Projects are not take-home, although suggestions for recreating the activity at home will be available.